The much awaited Jayaram Karthik starrer Horror Film May 1st is about to release this August 24th, and we analyze and show you, why May 1st deserves your curiosity.

The first reason is obviously the most talented Jayaram Karthik and his performance for sure. J Karthik is very sensible while choosing his film’s script, and the body of his work accurately portrays this fact.

Very few might be aware that May 1st is written by J Karthik himself. It is heard that when J Karthik finished up with his serial Siya Ke Ram (Hindi) and was sitting home without work, this idea of writing May 1st clicked and the amazing actor was ready penning it down and May 1st became the actor’s own baby. And this should definitely be your second reason to watch May 1st.

May 1st Poster

How many of you all have seen Horror Films where the Actor’s Fan becomes a vengeful spirit? Yes! May 1st is about a Fan who becomes a Ghost and this falls into the third reason.

The gorgeous Raksha Somashekhar who started her career as a Child Model and went on to achieve success as a Model, she is so Hot that she is surely your fourth reason to watch May 1st.

Versatile Film Editor who turned Director Nagendra Urs is your fifth reason to watch May 1st. Nagendra, in the past, had already collaborated with Jayaram Karthik in a movie called Just Love (2014). May 1st is their second film in collaboration.

Like everyone else, we are too looking forward to May 1st this week to watch, and we wish loads of success to the whole team.