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Every one in the Sandalwood Film Trade are curious to know Yajamana’s Box Office collections. For the simple reason because it’s Darshan’s film and it has arrived after raising much curiosity.

And then we have few Fan Pages and Troll Pages on social media, who are leaving no stone un turned.

The Fan and Troll pages claimed Yajamana to make 18 to 20 Crores collection on it’s opening day. And these designs with such a huge collections attached to them, made us laugh our lungs out.

If these Fan and Troll pages are to be believed, Darshan becomes a bigger star than Puneeth Rajkumar, Rajinikanth, Kichcha Sudeep, Yash and Salman Khan! Take a look at some Troll Designs here:

Image Courtesy | Facebook And Twitter

If you notice the design carefully, you will also notice the ‘Uneducated Irony’ of these Troll and Fan pages who cannot even spell the word ‘Crores’ properly.

We also came across a design where it claimed Yajamana’s first day collection of 20 Crores! This particular design also had Cinema Listing on it. Take a look here:

Image Courtesy | Facebook And Twitter

This Cinema Listing design can only be made with a ‘Go Ahead’ from the Film’s Producer or Distributor?

We really have no clue about who is actually spreading this baseless news, but according to our strong sources, Yajamana made only 7.50 Crores on it’s opening day.

Yajamana is a good film with some good commercial elements and message attached to it. But such Fake News is only stooping the Film and it’s makers level down. We can only hope this baseless news is not being circulated by the film’s makers.

This Article is based on Sources. This Article is not written to hurt anyone’s sentiments or defame anyone.