Out of the Films that got released on June 22nd 2018, Kelavu Dinagala Nanthara shows a huge growth in it’s collections and pick up very good as it enters it’s second week. Other film Aranyakanda, however is a complete wash out!

The film Kelavu Dinagala Nanthara was not appreciated by Critics while we at Sandalwood Cinema appreciated the film’s effort and awarded the film with 3 Stars. But at the end of the day, it is Audience who likes and dislikes a film. Same thing happened with this film’s case when the audience started flooding inside the Cinema Halls to watch the film.

Deepak Gangaadhar, owner of Deepak Gangaadhar Moviies who is a renowned Distributor in Karnataka says “I assume the total week’s collection for Kelavu Dinagala Nanthara should be approximately 10 Lakhs (Includes single screens and multiplexes) which is very good compared to the films doing business nowadays at the Box Office”.

Looks like the stars are really working in the favor of director Sri Ni and actress Shubha Poonja this time. If there is no big threats next week from 6ne Maili, Kelavu Dinagala Nanthara is sure to continue it’s run in 3rd week as well.

Well, this is what we call Audience Power. We give our Best Wishes to everyone associated with the film, may they see more success.