This week namma Sandalwood saw release of some six films which included Aa Karaala Ratri, Premigalige MMCH, Trunk, Atharva, Double Engine and Hasiru Ribbon.

After analyzing the whole week, we at Sandalwood Cinema bring you the complete report where Double Engine and Aa Karaala Ratri going strong at namma Sandalwood Box Office.

Aa Karaala Raatri is a suspense thriller which is directed by ace Film maker Dayal Padmanabhan and has some strong performances of Jayaram Karthik, Anupama Gowda blended in the film. The film will make some 50 to 70 Lakhs this week and it is already gearing up for the next week.

Double Engine starring Chikkanna and Suman Ranganathan is being very appreciated by the audience for it’s Comedy and Glamour part attached to it, is going very strong at the Box Office. The Chandra Mohan directed film will surely make some 60 to 70 Lakhs this week and is all geared up to enter it’s second week.

Premigalige MMCH which has a huge cast including Ragini Dwivedi failed to make any mark and will hardly make some 5 to 10 Lakhs this week. Atharva which has newcomer Pavan Tej will also see a lesser collection of 2 to 3 Lakhs and may discontinue from some Cinemas.

Trunk, the experimental horror which released this week will also make some 2 to 3 Lakhs and may discontinue from some Cinemas. Hasiru Ribbon also fared very poor wherever it was opened.

However, if we witness any growth in next week from any movies that got released this week, we will keep you updated.

Disclaimer: The collections shown in the Article are analyzed by Sandalwood Cinema team and their sources who attends Cinema Halls to know the Public Reaction.